About Permian Tractor

Situations always change in The Oil Patch", but one of the things that remain constant is Permian Tractor Sales, Inc.'s commitment to support the construction industry with CASE. Permian Tractor has recently added the proud line of Thunder Creek Equipment diesel trailers. We now offer another solution to fuel delivery concerns. Contact Permian Tractor for more information.

Permian Tractor remains in our original location at 210 East 6th Street (2 blocks south of Yukon Ave, between Andrews Hwy and Dixie Blvd). We are an independent single location dealership, locally owned and operated.

We get the same support and attention from our suppliers as multiple dealership locations. This enables us to give you the personal attention you deserve without the hassle and inconvenience of dealing with a dealership with corporate offices in some other city or area.